Clint Eastwood has been hard at work on his next film called Hoover. It already has Leonardo DiCaprio in the starring role. Now Eastwood is trying to get Joaquin Phoenix to play Hoover’s gay lover Clyde Tolson.

Dustin Lance Black has written the film and has lost a little of his thunder after the Virginia episode. The unspoken sexual tension and their relationship is key to the film. It sounds like another version of the Sherlock Holmes upgrade. The gayness in the film will be understated.

“[Tolson’s] unqualified, and is thought to be a homosexual, but Hoover offers him a job anyway. There’s an instant attraction between the two men, and Toulson becomes Hoover’s right hand man throughout much of his career. Due to Hoover’s deeply closeted nature, however, the relationship is never consummated; when Toulson makes a move on his boss, the two even come to blows. It’s clearly the most important relationship in the script, and the emotional hinge of the piece. Hoover’s sexuality is the driving force of the film, and you couldn’t miss it, but its treatment is quite subtle.”

The casting for the film will be in full flow around October. The shoot will be expected to start by the end of this year. Leonardo is still not signed on the dotted line for this project. He will be one of the front runners any way and Jaoquin will be offered the part in the next coming weeks.

Source: Playlist