Chloe Moretz will work in The Rut

The Rut is something different but will written by a horrible director.

There have been talks about couple of movies for Chloe Moretz after her role as the Hit Girl in Kick Ass. But for her to even go to Kary Kusama is a bad sign. The director who is really notorious for her work on Jennifer’s Body will be taking on another movie.

The film revolves around a father-daughter relationship and centers particularly on hunting, as a daughter must learn the tricks of hunting and archery taught to her by her father. The father then goes missing and thing get a little messy.

Chloe Moretz is still in the early stages of talks. This will be the second time if she does where she has dealt with father-daughter issues. She will be now concentrating on how to promote the silly remake of Let The Right One In.

Source: Collider

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