Brian De Palma has been getting angry with a lot of things in the last couple of years. He silently went into the Documentary format. He has now been after an adaptation of Gardner McKay‘s diabolic novel and stage play called Toyer. It follows a serial lunatic. The Toyer plays with his female victim, but does not kill them.

The police lose their minds on his crimes because the Toyer cannot be charged. They are also overwhelmed with hundreds of unclear murder cases. So they give Toyer a lower priority. So a female neurologist who treats toyer’s victim teams up with a newspaper editor to draw him out and bring him to justice.

Toyer is finally getting some backing from an independent unit. The film will be shooting in Venice late this fall and into early winter. There is no official cast for this film. The article on Vulture is probably a way to get the cast for the film.

“It has all the elements of suspense that Brian does so well in films like Blow Out and Carrie,” Steindorff says, adding, “And by that I mean, it’s really frickin’ scary: I read the script on a plane, and I was still terrified.”

Source: Vulture