The talks are very preliminary for the time being. Brad Pitt is really busy with his work on Money Ball and also in the post production work for Tree of Life. But there are loads of projects that want to get associated with the star.

Now Peter Morgan has so many scripts in the offering that he has one for the big boys as well. He is looking out for Shia Labeouf and Brad Pitt to star in the same film for the first time. The script is a redraft of the Richard McBrian script called Spooks.

Pitt will play the role of an investigator called to a ship called the Nautica when a body is found floating in the sea. Shia is wanted to play a young stockbroker who has taken the boat out with his girlfriend. Then there will be a fourth character who will be a victim in the film.

Summit Entertainment is looking out to make this happen for the producers of this film. There has not been any confirmation from the actor’s end which is really unlikely. The two of them are quiet busy these days and they have several other interests. This is just to get the project noticed and headlined in most of the news and blogs. It is really silly ploy yes we have also fallen for it. But we are taking this with precaution. Rumors and gossip rarely fill our space but you really can’t tell with Brad. He could suddenly turn and take something like this up just for kicks.

But there is no humanitarian angle in the story or a serious twist for both these men to join forces for this one. So let us put our fingers crossed and expect something with this one.