Brad Anderson to work on The Living and The Dead

Brad Anderson on his adaptation of the The Living and The Dead

LivingdeadBrad Anderson is known for his work on movies like Machinist, Session 9 and the recent Transsiberian. It will be amazing to see him to take up a graphic novel for a change. The Living and the Dead is a graphic novel written by Robert Tinnell and Todd Livingston started off as a screenplay but ended up on the novel.

There were reports that the graphic novel is an extremely gruesome snuff film. It tells the story of a monstrous character who engages in the nineteenth century version of the snuff theatre, luring innocent people in a Grand Guignol of flesh and blood. But the idea will sure shot crazy direction for Brad Anderson. It will clearly be something for his sensibilities.

There is no release date for this film but I think Anderson will be starting production once he is done with the Vanishing Street.

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