Baz Lurhmann aims for the sky with Leo

Baz Luhrmann is working on two projects in tandem and is still not sure whether he wants to do either.

He has been looking to make a newer version of The Great Gatsby for sometime now. Baz wants to make a big musical this time with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Amanda Seyfried and even Tobey Maguire to join. He will also get A.R. Rahman to compose the music for the film.

The scripts for the film have already been done. The stars will be signing on board if Baz gets the right project in his head. This is what he said to MTV.

I’ve got two [pictures] going. One is a musical and one is a period work, both based in New York City, and I’m about to make that decision. I’ve got the script for both of them and I’m making that decision in four to six weeks, no longer than six weeks…’Gatsby,’ it is the Fitzgerald book and I’ve been working on that quite a lot. The other one is also New York based and music-driven and it’s just a question of … what is the next right step for me.

He will be working on the script a little more and he wants the best actors to join the project. Leonardo DiCaprio has shown interest to play Jay Gatsby while Tobey will play Nick and Amanda Seyfried will play Daisy Buchanan. The project will need another two more months before it picks up from the floor.

source: Slashfilm

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