arresteddevThe news about the Arrested Development film has been on for several years now. But finally we have some people interested in taking the script writing job for this. This is probably a sign of the recession in the independent industry slowly going away.

The news comes straight from the creator of the show Mitchell Hurwitz and his co executive producer. They have been working on a screenplay for a film adaptation of the short lived but critically acclaimed series. They are right now prepping up for another series with Fox with the Arrested Development star to join in this one.

Hurwitz is now clear about the fact that he won’t start writing unless the actors are committed for some mindless fun. The cast of the series included Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, David Cross, Arnett, Alia Shwkat, Portia de Rossi and Jeffrey Tambor and many others. This comes after many of the actors have shown disinterest in the film adaptation.

But even all these minor hiccups Hurwitz will forge ahead with the story. There have been several scheduling conflicts. The reason for this many of the cast from the show have now turned into big stars.

Director Ron Howard who voiced the narrator in the film is also finding it difficult to come back. But at least we have a go ahead from the creators and that is a good step. The film will be directed by Hurwitz.