Another Clip from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Another Clip will kill the story for the audience.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

There are quite a lot of clips from the movie in that last couple of weeks, which is not really good signs for the film. This will be detrimental for the marketing team behind the movie. Scott Pilgrim will be releasing in the UK on the 25 th August and stars Matthew Patel, Lucas Lee played by Chris Evans, Todd Ingram played by Brandon Routh, Roxy Richter, Kyle played by Shota Saito and Ken Katayanagi played by Keita Saito and finally Gideon Graves played by Andy Schwartzman.

All of these guys will battle with Michael Cera‘a character so that they can lay claim on Ramona Flowers played by the vivacious Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The film will be coming out on August 13 th.

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