Aaron Paul in 'Need for Speed'

Aaron Paul in ‘Need for Speed’

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul shows us how and why he likes to do his own stunts for his new film Need for Speed. I am not too thrilled with the trailers since they do look a bit cheesy but for sure all die hard Breaking bad fans will check this movie. The only thing going for this film is the director Scott Waugh whose previous film Act of Valor was pretty good in terms of action and hopefully that will be a huge positive when it comes to the action in this film.

The director has made it known that he wanted all his stunts to be realistic and practical as he could make it taking us back to the days of Gone with 60 seconds. Aaron Paul decided he would do most of the stuns himself without any help of a professional stunt team and this featurette just shows that aspect of this young and upcoming actor. It is always good to see an actor taking the time and actually preparing for his role and I hope this movie does well since he needs a good hit.