Before Sunset 3

The Henry Melville classic will be given another adaptation. There has already been several English language adaptation of this great book. But the interesting thing about this one is the addition of Ethan Hawke and William Hurt. The story is about the struggle of man within the perils of his soul. It also talks about his existence in the wild and his place in the world.

In this version William Hurt will play Captain Ahab and Ethan Hawke will take up Starbuck, the first officer of the ship and the member who stands up to Captain Ahab. The budget of the film seems to be a tad low at 25 million. With budget like that the Special Effects might just suffer a little. The script is already written by Nigel Williams, maker of the TV’s award winning series Elizabeth. It might get a television premier by next year.

The filming for the film will begin later in this month in Canada. The project has good potential but a script with some trite dialogue might just kill this one.