Viggo and Amy Adams join On the Road

Walter Salles gets the best cast for On The Road. So this should not go wrong.

Viggo is perfect when he is in the mood. After the Road there was such a back clash, but there was no one who had anything against him. He is now cast in On the Road along with the supremely talented Amy Adams. The two of them will be joining Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Stewart, Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund.

Mortensen will be playing the role of Old Bull Lee, while Adams will play his junkie wife, Jane. The two will shoot their scenes soon. But it would be great if they took time with their scenes.

Jose Rivera has scripted the film and revolves around a series of cross country trips taken by writer Sal Paradise.

Fans of Kerouac get the whole beautiful, groovy deal with this new recording of the radically hip novel that many consider the heart of the Beat movement. Poetic, open and raw, Kerouac’s prose lays out a cross-country adventure as experienced by Sal Paradise, an autobiographical character. A writer holed up in a room at his aunt’s house, Paradise gets inspired by Dean Moriarty (a character based on Kerouac’s friend Neal Cassady) to hit the road and see America.

From the moment he gets on the seven train out of New York City, he takes the reader through the highs and lows of hitchhiking, bonding with fellow explorers and opting for beer before food. First published in 1957, Kerouac’s perennially hot story continues to express the restless energy and desire for freedom that makes people rush out to see the world. The tale is only improved by Dillon’s well-paced, articulate reading as he voices the flow of images and graveled reality of Paradise’s search for the edge.

This is certainly an unforgettable experience book which will be captured by the able eyes of Walter Salles. This is like he is returning to the old days of Motorcycle Days.

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