Twilight writer Hosts Andrew Niccol

Stephanie Meyer wants Andrew Niccol to direct The Host.

twilightThe rights for the Host adaptation have been picked up. Stephenie Meyer became an over night sensation writing horrible books like the Twilight series and this science fiction book called The Host. But the easy writing has got loads of instagram followers. They seem to lap these books by the millions. The Twilight series started a film that had a cast to drool for. A film that would have even worked in Indian industry became an overnight sensation. It almost reached the hysteria of Batman’s sequel.

Now the adult novel written Stephanie has been picked up by Nick Wechsler, Steven and Paula Mae Schwartz. So they had a meeting with the writer and asked her favorite Science Fiction adaptation of all time. She said that she adored Gattaca and that has certainly spelled trouble for the great director Andrew Niccol. He has humbly taken up the writing and directing duties of this horrible piece of literature.

The book tells a love story set in the near future on Earth. Earth has been inhabited by alien species of benevolent parasites that call themselves Souls. The book is already getting ready for a sequel but still other than the concept, the books are horrible. One soul is fused into a dying human being to find the last survivors of the human race. This looks like a mix of Artificial Intelligence and Gattaca. So there is a huge scope for the greatness of this film. But the lesser involvement by the author could turn the film into something of amazing poise and character. Meanwhile Andre Niccol is totally fast tracking his other movie The Cross.

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