Trailer Watch: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo gets the lighting right

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo gets the look and the ambiance right it will be up to the performers to shine.

David Fincher over the years has been experimenting with various genres and going off a little away from his comfort zone. But he is finally back after two set pieces Zodiac and Social Network. No I’m not forgetting the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but it really did not match up to these great films. So it was great to see him come back to his Seven and Fight Club days with the awaited adaptation of the Millenium series.

He will be taking on the first book of the series. But many will doubt his take on this film with the series already adapted in Swedish. The character Lisbeth was played by the powerful Noomi Rapace. So it will be difficult for the easy on the eyes Rooney mara to take on this challenge. But we really have not seen her at her best. Daniel Craig on the other hand is really suited for this role. He will certainly be unfogettable and so will be the rest of the cast.

But there seems to be a shift in sexual politics in this one. So that might not go down well with the seasoned fans who have read and possibly watched all the films and books. So it will need a little more than trailer of this nature to push this to the right audience. But warn you this is the perfect fodder for David Fincher. We love that he is back to no good. Tell us what you think of this well lit trailer.

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