Salvation Boulevard is the title of the new film with a stellar cast. It has been a long time coming. The cast includes Pierce Brosnan, Ed Harris, Jim Gaffigan, Marisa Tomei and Jennifer Connelly.

The film feels a lot of noise in the new trailer. There is really no hope of some really good drama in this new one. Jennifer Connelly and Marisa Tomei seems to be used in this film for no reason.

The film was directed by George Ratliff and there is a lot of energy exhibited in this film. Here is a synopsis of the film.

Pastor Dan Day is a charismatic evangelical preacher who has captivated a small western American town with his charm — and the promise of a sweet real estate development. Carl is a former follower — not of Christ, but of the Grateful Dead — who has since become “found” in Dan’s Evangelical community, serving as one of the preacher’s great examples of spiritual and moral transformation. But Carl’s new belief system is turned upside down when he witnesses a sinful act that Pastor Dan’s doughy henchman aims to cover up.

Tell us what you think of this trailer. We are not really happy with this one.