Vincent and Rebecca meet each other after a chance encounter at an internet café. The both of them had a love filled, carefree relationship until Vincent showed up dead and Rebecca being difficult to locate. Vincent was found beaten to a pulp after which he was left on the shores of Rhone.

Here is the trailer for the film

The police to retrace the events leading up to this and they find little clues. But they finally find Rebecca and the findings aren’t pretty and what he finds shocks him to the core. The police man investigating these events begins to loose his moral composure and is left with a fundamental decision that could completely change his view of his life.

The trailer for Frederic Mermoud’s Complices doesn’t give a way too much. So it might be a pleasant surprise when you read this bit of info for the film. There is no outcome shown in these scenes from the trailer. The devastating outcome is really not revealed. The suspense is really killing me to find out what really brought these investigators to this devastating end.