The actors line up for Gangster Squad

Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn join forces for another Gangster film.

A murderer’s row of leading men will be played by Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin. They are all in talks to play roles in Gangster Squad.

The negotiations for the role have begun now and have reached the final stages. Ruben Fleischer is directing and is also working on a script by Will Beall.

The film is based on the Los Angeles Times seven part series Tales from the Gangster Squad. The rights were bought from Warner acquired the rights two years ago. The articles were written by Paul Lieberman, chronicled efforts by the Los Angeles Police Dept. to deal with increasing crime and corruption in 1940’s L.A. By forming what was dubbed the Gangster Squad in an effort to keep East Coast organized crime figures from planting roots in the city.

Sean Penn will also be joining Christian Bale on The Last Photograph. Gosling’s rect movie has been getting all kinds of attention with his new movie called Drive. Cannes is finally behind us and this was a great year for cinema.

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