Tangiers gets the character actors

Sean Gullette gets the right cast for his film in Tangiers.

Sean Gullette is the man behind the writing of Darren Aronofsky’s first movie simply called Tangiers. He has got a really neat cast lined up for the film. The film will star Kristen Scott Thomas, Jeremy Irons and Tony Shalhoub is all part of the cast. A young AWOL soldier jumps ship in Tangiers and is hired to look after a wealthy socialite whose husband appears to be involved in a terrifying espionage.

The cast will be the main reason serious moviegoers will take to this. Gullette is also a resident of Tangiers and makes for a personal and unique portrayal of Tangiers. But Emile Hirsh being part of the cast will be something to watch out for. So the production for the film will be based on all the support it got at the Cannes Film Festival.

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