Snyder Reveals 7 member Justice League

Aquaman reveal by Director Zack Snyder

A new poster for Batman Vs. Superman has just been revealed. It shows Jason Momoa as Aquaman standing prideful behind his Trident. Covering most of the poster are three mysterious words, “Unite The Seven” Like most Zack Snyder movie teasers, the whole thing is dark and looks depressing, but with a strong undercurrent of bad ass.

One theory is that the ‘seven’ in question refers to the seven seas. But there are not seven seas, and more importantly this is not an Aquaman movie. It seems unlikely that a movie called Batman Vs. Superman would allow Aquaman anything more than a cameo. In the comic world the king of Atlantis is one of the most powerful people an already powerful world, but in the real world he’s genuinely regarded as a joke character. DC is putting all of its eggs in this basket and I’m willing to bet that Aquaman is nothing more than filler.

The seven referred to in the poster, is most likely a reference to the members of the Justice League, to which there are traditionally seven. As of right now Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash have been confirmed as members of the first cinematic incantation of the Justice League. Math majors have probably pointed out that there are only six confirmed characters which means that one more roster spot needs to be filled.

As with any superhero team there are loads of rumors surrounding that last spot. But the trend seems to be leaning toward Green Lantern filling the final spot. Despite the debacle that is Green Lantern it seems that DC still has hope in their green space cop because nothing has been done to stifle these rumors. Add to that his popular show on Cartoon Network and it make sense.

Regardless of who fills the final spot, it seems like DC is shooting for a seven member Justice League. But it’s unclear whether that final member will be revealed in the next movie or if s/he will have to wait for the sequel.

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