New Avenger’s Poster reveals new Super Hero

New poster for Avengers 2 has been revealed.

On Twitter Marvel has released the poster for the upcoming Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. With it comes the normal array of spandex clad heroes facing what appears to be a massive army, similar to the first Avengers movie. But hidden in the far corner, just above the Hulk lies a secret to be revealed.

Floating above the crew, among the crowd of shadowed figures is one with a long flowing cape. Although capes are an iconic part of the typical superhero, not very many Marvel characters wear capes. Which narrows the list down to one character, Vision. In the comics he’s a robot designed by the villain Ultron, who eventually turns against his creator and fights alongside the Avengers.

Whether or not the movie will stick with the comic story line is unlikely. Because in the comics Ultron is created by a scientist named Hank Pym, who has so far been unseen in any Marvel Film. The trailers have implied that Tony Stark, is Ultron’s creator. So it seems likely that Hank Pym will be switched for Tony Stark in the film, but this is all speculation until the film comes out.

What is known however, is that the Vision will appear. Paul Bettany has already been confirmed for the role, marking his second appearance in a Marvel film. He has so far played the voice of Jarvis, Iron Man’s robotic butler, in every Iron Man movie so far. This might be coincidence, but with Marvel’s ability to plan for the future it seems unlikely.

There has yet to be a clear image of the Vision and his role in the movie has been kept a secret. It appears Marvel doesn’t want to show all of its cards with this upcoming blockbuster. The secret will be revealed this summer on May 1st.

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