Sarah Polley on Storytelling and Memory

With take the Waltz in the works Sarah Polley also intends to make a documentary.

There couple of aspects of film that really have gone into a research sort of mould in the case of Sarah Polley’s debut. Away from Her was her directorial debut which dealt with Memory and the effects of it on peoples lives. Sarah is right now working on her second film called Take this Waltz.

Waltz will be shooting in July in Toronto. She has a really good cast lined up for this film. It is really something to look forward to. She is also hard at work for the release of Splice. It has not done exceptional business. But things seem to pick up with word of mouth.

At one of her press conferences she has revealed an intention to make a documentary on memory and storytelling. So that means she will be tackling two projects at the same time. It is really nice to see her back behind the camera once again.

“I never really know if I’m going back to acting,” she says. “But I’ve been that way since I’ve been 15 or 16. I always feel like this might be the last movie I ever do, then a few years later I might do another one.” She goes on to add, “I’ll be directing for another year now, and my sense is I’ll want to direct some more, not act. But who knows?”

So this will be a really brave decision on her part. She has also been radiant as an actress also. She will be certainly missed from the big screen.

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