Review: Last Hours at ‘Inception’

Christopher Nolan has made dream/nightmare film for the masses. I think.

Intelligence is more of an infectious virus than an idea in this sane world. We have been breeding it for some time now. There have been people waiting for it to spread into our society. This probably is the advent of a new intelligence. A polarizing one nonetheless. Will it give us the kick or leave us in limbo is up to our minds?

Cobb is a man who has lived with a lot of inner demons. He is looking for answers by living a dream. He is played by the revelatory Leonardo DiCaprio without whom this film would not have gotten even close to transgressing. But it really just reaches close. We are more less left waiting for it go beyond. In this century of cinema there have been enough and more films outside the studio formats with challenging narratives.

It is only at the beginning of this century that things multiple narratives got more accepted. So getting into the head of a character like Cobb won’t be that difficult at first glance. Our minds are really provided fodder for thought. This fodder though is crushed and softened a little bit. It is like the character Cobb says that is he left with a choice at the beginning of his mind escapes.

Many people might even give you the tools to follow this film. There is only one actually it is Cobb. He exposes all the careful intricacies of the plot. It would have been better if he kept shut. But then people would have lost their minds in this maze.

There are quite a lot of inspirations in this movie. The one you can lock down on is the Blade Runner reference. It is secretly planned in the mind and body of Shade played by the other powerful performer in this film Marion Cotillard. The two of them are actually what drives this film to its fruition.

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The other resounding reference is the Matrix. I remember when in the film Morpheus tells us that the Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. Leo has a variation to that will leave you feeling what is that I am watching.

But that was just pick of the lot there are several other references kept carefully for us to miss. Don’t be fooled by all that this film is still its own beast. It stands tall and bent like the mind of Ariadne played by Ellen Page. She really give the its closes moment with bending of time.

There is also another necessary player in the form of Joseph Gordon Levitt. He should just pack his acting chops and head over to NASA. He could also be a part of the country’s diving team. He is one of the greatest living physical actors we have in the business. He gives the film the extra niche by not giving into the CGI. So the whole look of it is quite real and we are willing to submerge into this Concept or like they call it an Idea.

There is no plot per se in this film which is a good and a bad thing. But with all the play of the frame rates there is a speeding up of the whole film. It feels lot shorter than you think. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to get to the end of this. The use of the sets and props as living breathing organisms does well at places. But there are moments when they begin to lose their meanings. It is surely not an exhaustive experience.

The above paragraph is in answer to many areas where the critics would like to hit this film hard to gain points. But the film does rest on itself to a certain extent. So in order for this film to go through so many dreamers it should plant the idea in the audience mind which will certainly be a Herculian task. Christopher Nolan should let himself go once more so that we can have something to think about every summer.

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