Tinkerbell seriously gets to business this summer with a live action film in the offering. She was first seen in the silent film Peter Pan and then in horrible Spielberg film Hook where Julia Roberts took on the role of Tinkerbell.

Then recently there was the maker of the Peter Pan in the film Finding Neverland and starring Johnny Depp. Now they are finally realizing the potential of this series and will be planning to make a beautiful Elizabeth Banks to play Tinkerbell.

It will be live action romantic comedy from Disney which plays with the mischievous nature of the Tinkerbell character.

Banks was in the process of developing this project with the help of her husband. Loads of other people came on board to produce this film.

She has two upcoming projects in the pipeline Forever 21 and Pitch Perfect. Elizabeth Banks will surely make a great Tinkerbell. So with her hand in the production she could come out with something quite compelling and fun to watch.