The trailer will be coming out soon. We have already seen at the screening and it was unlike anything out there. It will surely take cinema to new heights. It is high on production values and the piece of music playing is an instant classic. La Moldau seems to be echoing through a lot of the walls and corridors in this film.

Brad Pitt and Sean Penn seem to be from two different worlds. The influences from the film are very difficult to find out. The voice overs remind us of Terrence Malick’s older films. One of the most powerful thoughts thrown out there in the film is, “Father, Mother, always you wrestle inside of me.” It is an unforgettable moment and will be something to be cherished on the big screen.

The Tree of Life will be hitting theaters on May 27 th 2011 and that means you can pretty much guarantee it will play at Cannes the week before. The trailer will be out in some time, but you will certainly happy with what you get to watch in this one. Malick’s pick is certainly the film to wait for in the next couple of months.