Michael Sheen in ‘The Damned United’ Trailer

Check out Michael Sheen in Brian Glough's reign of Leeds United in 'The Damned United'.

Damned United

Football (Soccer) related movies have generally not done well in recent times, the ones that come to my mind are Green Street Hooligans and Goal! Trilogy. The problem with these movies are that they are always made on a tight production budget considering the fact that in US, the movie might not do well, resulting in a not so good cast, director which affects a films chances at the box office.

The Damned United looks like it might change the chances of a soccer movie with audiences from all over the world. Just two good reasons. Firstly, the cast is impressive. Michael Sheen to play Brian Clough (Coach of Leeds United Club team) is perfect and surely he will be supported in the best possible way by Timothy Spall, Colm Meaney and Jim Broadbent and Secondly, the screenplay is by Peter Morgan who is an Oscar Nominated writer for The Queen and Frost/Nixon. So, we know that the story will be gripping in every way and the career of Brian Clough does need something very emotional and gripping in order for the audience to appreciate it. The trailer is well made and is a must see for any soccer fan. Check it out below.

[wposflv src=https://talkingfilms.net/wp-content/trailers/thedamnedunited-tr1.flv previewimage=https://talkingfilms.net/wp-content/trailers/michael-sheen.jpg width=545 height=300 title=”The Damned United”]

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