The Trade seems to be the next film to be directed by Matt Damon and it will have his friends Ben Affleck and his brother starring. So it will be the first time after Good Will Hunting the two of them have teamed up.

The two of them will be seen in roles as pitchers and wear pinstripes. The film will be based on a script by David Mandel. The Affleck brothers are working on a rewrite for the script and that will surely be a good sign.

“I don’t know how it’ll come together, acting and directing, but Casey and I have decided to write it together,” Affleck said. “Once the script’s kind of ready, then it’s like: Who’s doing what? What’s the time frame? Matt, me, Casey directing? Particularly for Matt, he’s had this extraordinary career where he’s worked with these great directors. He’s a great director who just hasn’t directed a movie.”

Ben Affleck is riding high after the success of his second directorial venture The Town after his first one was a critical darling. Casey on the other hand was making a lot of noise at festivals with his mockumentary on the past year of Joaquin Pheonix. Matt Damon has no directing background, but he has worked under some of the best in the business. So we will have to wait and see what he has to offer.