Robert Pattinson has already replaced Colin Farrell in this new film by David Cronenberg. It will be based on the book by Don DeLillo called Cosmopolis. The cast will have couple of great French actors also added this week to the shoot. It will have Mathieu Amalric, Juliette Binoche. The two roles are still unidentified for the time being.

The film will follow the life of a millionaire asset manager who crosses the whole of Manhattan in a stretch limo just for a haircut. However, the guy can’t get a break as he is repeatedly delayed by a presidential motorcade, anti globalization demonstrations, and a celebrity funeral. The financial wonderkid has to now deal with the potentially deadly repercussions of a risky bet against the yen on a bad day for the market. The story will not be something that will be easy for Robert Pattinson to do easily. We will keep you posted on developments on the casting of this film.