I think I just got over this is one as well. Love and Other Drugs will surely be one of the better dramas this year. But will it register is something we will have to wait and watch. People are going to like the chemistry, but the source material is going to take a back seat.

The story is about a salesman who competes in the cutthroat world of pharmaceuticals to hawk a male performance enhancement drug. It feels like an age old drama with a new couple to boot. Gyllenhaal plays Jamie Reidy who meets free spirited Maggie played by Anne Hathaway and things get messed up.

The way the two meet is on one of Jamie’s sales calls. The new trailer looks the same with some added scenes and some better music. Anne Hathaway will have to prove she is a star this year and the next with some really interesting movie choices.

The film will be out on November 24 th. It is directed by Edward Zwick.