Jurassic World’s Dinosaurs Cgi or Not?

Jurassic World's dinosaurs definitely are a huge step up from the original Jurassic Park film.

One of the main issues I personally had with the film is the mediocre CGI. It wasn’t well polished and on IMAX screens, one could easily spot the bad CGI especially on human characters. Take a look at Chris Pratt in the photo below.


The human beings lacked character and emotion simply because most of the time they probably were in front of a green screen. The Dinosaurs on the other hand looked very life-like and were very believable. I think most of the money was spent on making the dinosaurs look very real that they forgot that humans were also part of the screen. The rendering on some of the scenes with the humans that too in broad daylight was shockingly bad. Maybe they just didn’t have super fast computers with high end GPU’s to render the humans better.

But are the Jurassic World dinosaurs all CGI, the product of computers and advanced technology? After all, some of the earlier films’ villains were simply animatronic creations, they were definitely not CGI as could be seen by their choppy motion. According to director Colin Trevverow, the technology used to make the new film’s dinosaurs was a mix of current advanced and the techniques perfected back in the ’90s. In an interview with Empire, he revealed that the same company, Legacy Effects, that worked on the first three Jurassic Park films had been hired for World, and that they would be tasked with creating animatronic dinosaurs, just like in the first three movies (viewers of World can see the results in the movie’s scarily lifelike raptors). Yet CGI was also utilized extensively, with SlashFilm reporting that Jurassic Park’s visual effects supervisor returned to create computer-generated dinosaurs. To do this, performance capture — think Andy Serkis as Lord of the Rings’ Gollum — was used to make the creatures’ movements (particularly the T-Rex’s) as realistic and detailed as possible.

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Clearly, technology’s come a long way in the last few decades, and reviews of World are hailing the film’s special effects, both the CGI-created creatures and those built through animatronics. Just look at how a dinosaur from Jurassic World:


Good or Bad CGI, the film is worth a watch in the biggest of screens possible, so do not miss it.


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