Freeze Frame: Inception for your thoughts

Inception is just used as means to get us into theaters not for thought fodder.


Instead of looking at all the buzz surrounding the film and studio driven publicity; we need to take some time off and look into the relationship of the two central characters of the film: Cobb and Mal. This is what really lifts the story and could have put it at par with some of the greatest films.

There is not going to be a discussion of what the ending entails for the character. A lot of those conversations have been going around. Let us get into the flashback of how these characters came to be and what defined their realities. Also discussion on how much it made in the box office is not really needed. Let us get to the basics of human relationships.

One of the strongest instances in the film is the creation of Cobb and Mal’s world. They build a world which they create and destroy at their own will. The scene shows Mal in the beach with Cobb breaking sand structures which begin to get destroyed behind them. It gives a view of a god complex and also shows a weakness of the worlds we inhabit. Man creates and destroys by his own hand. But all this leads us to question our authority on this world.

Inception Hallway Scene

The next instance is the moment when Mal screams the words we will live together. All this talk about our private thoughts and emotions just gets you wondering. Does the internet breach all of it? Do we keep ourselves private in the process reveal our character to this mindless space called the Internet. It is true our minds can’t process extreme details of another. But can we manipulate minds to share our thoughts and make it someone else’s. Or by placing all the violence at several instances is Christopher Nolan leading us through wasted paths?

We are certainly build by the perceptions and ideas created by our own minds. But what levels of that perception are left in the subconscious? Are we listening to things when we are not trying to? Scientists are still trying to figure the mind. It holds secrets they say to the way we are and we are projected to live.

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That is a question which many people fail to see in the film. Do we all have an idea that defines us? Or are we driven by the inceptions of others? Inception is merely a way of giving us an original film with all the hallmarks of a Hollywood blockbuster. It leads us to believe we are watching something original by using a lot of dialog and layers.

Inception - Joseph Gordon Lewitt

But at the crux of it all it says nothing really new. The Hollywood machine has been hiding this fact for some time now. They are not able to churn out anything original. It seems to be like the film suggests in limbo. So it at times feels difficult to understand the blocks and pit faults in this script.

Inception is a good idea an existential one also. But is there any idea at all or is it just to make all these people talk. So that a lot more people can watch this and feed into the hungry studio machines. It is a manipulation of thought and a clever ride that is in dire need to be watched. The characters seem to be driven by a lot of vigor. They want this film to be heard their lives depend on it. Alas they are also trapped in this juggernaut of a film which does not really give them room to transcend.

Another case in point is the use of Marion Cotillard in the film. She is really a force for this industry which does really not understand foreign actresses. Penelope Cruz went through this for a little while. Charlize Theron is still going through this. Her moments with Leo heighten the movie and make them look like a couple. She really submits to him. In that submission of her character she gains his trust. He even loses his reality all together. These levels of passions should have been explored further.

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Inception Top

In certain quarters people might think I m against this magnum opus. On the contrary I want it to extend its space. Spaces are what would have made these dreams more transcendental. Spaces would have made the audience more uncomfortable. Numbness was what I was expecting. Now all of you will ask how this would be possible.

(Let me give you an example of this to make it work for you all. The character Ariadne was given quite a lot to do. Her job was to give the audience an idea of how to get this story to the general audience without losing too much essence. But it turned out to be a pitfall for the film. Exposing the world is good but to what degree. The best exposition of the film was the reference to white blood cells. That was the only exposition that enhanced the narrative of the film.)

It is a simple idea actually. By investing more time on the relationship and trying to avoid all the repetition and expositions. The ambience of the world created by Christopher Nolan was really sufficient to create a moment of greatness. So does it matter to me whether the top falls not really. Let us stop investing in ideas and let us work on sensitive thoughts.


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