After the unexpected success of How to Train Your Dragon in the last couple of weeks the directors of the film will have to go on and make a sequel to it. So for the time being Chris Sanders the co director is already working on a new film for the studio The Croods.

The project which Sanders will be co directing Kirk deMicco; it follows a family of caveman who are forced from their homes by an earthquake, and encounter a nomad with a more modern approach to the world. Nicolas Cage and Ryan Reynolds were already on board as, respectively, the family’s conservative patriarch Grug, and the wanderer Gy, and Catherine Keener and Emma Stone will play Ugga and Gy women of interest.

The cast looks really sad. Any film with Ryan Reynolds with the exception of Adventureland is hogwash. The script was originally developed at Aardman, and was co written by John Cleese.