Emily Blunt is in line to act in the next film directed by Rian Johnson. He is known for his work on the film Brick, which made a him a cult figure.

The film already stars Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis. Here is a small synopsis of the twisted film.

Looper is a time travel movie, set in a near future where time travel doesn’t exist but will be invented in a few decades. It’s pretty dark in tone and involves a group of killers (called Loopers) who work for a crime syndicate in the future. Their bosses send their targets hogtied and blindfolded back in time to the Loopers, and their job is to simply shoot them in the head and dispose of the body. So the target vanishes from the future and the Loopers dispose of a corpse that doesn’t technically exist, a very clean system. Complications set in from there.

Emily Blunt will be amazing in the role. She has been stuck with the wrong studio and also the wrong projects ever since she has arrived in Hollywood. So she really needs a great break to make her talents be known.