It has been getting quite a lot of eyeballs, but all this could be yesterday’s news with the presence of Ridley Scott on the project. This is after what he did on Robin Hood. Ridley Scott has been working on the next Alien film, which will be a prequel to the franchise. So there is a chance he might avoid this one.

Ridley Scott wanted to get this new film The Forever War for quite some time. But this exhibition of time like the last couple of directors who gave their times for movies like Inception and Avatar have really failed. Ridley Scott has a fourth draft for the film. David Peoples was one of the first people to write the script for the film.

The script writer is also known for his work on films like Leviathan, The Blood of Heroes, Fatal Sky, Twelve Monkeys and Soldier. So the Alien Prequel is still there with Damon Lindelof writing the script for the film.

So there is a chance that Ridley Scott might make two science fiction films instead of the planned Alien film.

Source: Firstshowing