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The last film was really a let down to the fans that have been pushing the studio to get a better director on board for the franchise. They have been eyeing the horrible David Slade who put some hope into the Twilight franchise. Then they have Matt Reeves who lost all hope after his horrible remake to let the Right one In. Tony Scott was also in the lineup finally they have also got Darren Aronofsky in the big five.

Aronofsky has begun talks with 20 th Century Fox to direct Wolverine 2, which means he has beaten out Slade. So it will be really nice to see Darren on board for this, but they need a really good script for this. Darren will be championed by the actor Hugh Jackman also who has worked on The Fountain with him.

Darren is right now trying to get down on the entire buzz on his latest film Black Swan. Natalie Portman seems to be a lock on the Oscar this year with her performance in the film. Darren can bask in the glory and avoid this big studio pickup.