Carey Mulligan and Lone Scherfig walk apart

Carey Mulligan and Lone Scherfig slowly turning into overnight sensations with their work.


Carey Mulligan has got a lot of world wide attention after her work in An Education. She has been the toast many of the best directors and films to come. Carey has taken to the American public because of her look in An Education. The story of the film is what drives the film forward. Lone Scherfig who directed the film is now the current toast in Hollywood. Casting for her is now turning to be an issue with many stars wanting to join her films.

Here is the trailer for the Greatest

Before Carey was part of the Education she was playing smaller roles in big films like Public Enemies and Pride and Prejudice. She will be next seen in a film titled The Greatest. Her costars include Pierce Brosnan and Susan Sarandon. It revolves around a pregnant young girl whose boyfriend dies in a crash. So this is surely going to turn out into an emotional tear jerker for the paying audiences.

Pierce Brosnan
Carey’s character lives with parents of the boy and is faced with a lot of anger. A film like this will take the beaten path of mushiness. But for some it will give solace and whole lot of heart. We are not here to give that heart but to tell you that this is not cinema. It is not even close to what it endeavors to become. Ultimately the most important thing in this film to watch out for is the performance by the principal cast.

Lone Scherfig on the other hand has her eyes set on another drama. It will be once again something internal with many beautiful establishing shots. The film will be based on the David Nicholls book called One Day. This will be another new twist on romance which is really lacking the pain and anger it truly deserves.

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She has got both Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess on board for this one. Anne is certainly going to go back to her Rachel Getting Married ways. This story focuses on Emma and Dexter, who meet on July 15 th 1988 have a one night stand, and then proceed to see each other only one day a year that should obviously by 15 th of July. But this will take a change for the better with Lone helming it. Dexter will revel in his hedonist lifestyle. But Emma slowly comes to terms with her free spirited lifestyle the more she meets him.

ANNE_HATHAWAYTime is going to play a huge factor. It will be the answers to all the riddles and paths thrown at these two people. It will show us a new way of looking at friendship and what it meant to people back then. All this plays only one day of the year for the two of them. Anne Hathaway will look really beautiful in this film but can she pull of this level of emotional intensity after her past couple of films. There will be a whole lot of resentment, confusions and things left unsaid if we take into account the time spent.

The scenario is pretty indulgent yet it could be revealing. The romantic realism is something Hollywood will try to foray into in the next couple of years. It was kind of lost in many of the studios who never even gave these films a chance. So with Carey and Lone Scherfig are trying to make their own pasts in an industry that is only set to hinder their progress; will have to work really hard to keep their resolve in check.


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