This film has gone through several transformations and production hiccups. It might feel a little awkward to talk about this film at all. But still Brad Pitt is still on board for this film. So the interest will still be growing. Steven Soderbergh was out of this and there was talk about one of my favorite directors Bennett Miller to take up the camera.

The film was three days from the start of the production. They threw out Steven and the underdog film went to the dogs for weeks now. The documentary approach was just thrown out to bring in something a little more commercial. But Bennett Miller is sure to bring up another trick up his sleeve. He is kind of a like a patient tiger who will make the film his own eventually.

Miller is truly a commendable director who is known for his work with Philip Seymour Hoffman on Capote. That film was a truly an unforgettable experience: this will be more of the David Gordon Greene case on The Pineapple express. It will be a more somber comedy approach that Bennett miller will take for this film.