Brad Pitt and Josh Brolin will go like Hell

Brad Pitt and Josh Brolin are showing interest in racing movie.

brad_pittThe producers of films like Mr and Mrs Smith, Man on Fire and Law Abiding Citizen have just given word that Brad Pitt and Josh Brolin will be part of an upcoming racing film for 20 th Century Fox movie called Go Like Hell

The film will be based on A.J. Baime’s “Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans. The film will follow young Henry Ford II as he teams with visionary Lee Iacocca and racing champion turned engineer Carroll Shelby in reinventing his grandfather’s company and challenges Enzo Ferrari’s illustrious career in the world of European car racing.

The rivalry between the two Ford and Ferrari was compared to the Cold War. The competition was so fierce there were so many causalities in the 24 hour races because of the lack of safety at the races. There is a plan to make a film based on the drivers and not on the politics behind the race. This is like ice pick on a coffin. “Carroll Shelby is a big character, Lee Iacocca is a big character, Enzo [Ferrari] is a big character, Henry Ford II is a big character and we’ll obviously cast them well but, to me, it’s really about the drivers and I’m trying to make a first-person experience out of this where it really puts the audience in the cockpit. This is what it’s like to go 200 miles an hour with a car that not really all that controllable.”

The producer is going all out and saying he would like to cast Daniel Day Lewis, Russell Crowe, Matt Damon and Eric Bana for the film. “I have a lot of interest from big actors,” Foster said before name-dropping the aforementioned actors. ” It would shock you the telephone calls that have come in from people who we are chasing. Typically, I’m begging these people to read these scripts that we develop and, on this one, luckily, thank God [it’s the other way round] and I think it will cause it to get made.” And, at the end of day — as Carolla notes — what actor wouldn’t want to get paid to go to France for six months and race amazing vintage cars?

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There is really not much here other than a lot of trumpeting and some sound horns going off. Hopefully they get a good cast for this film.


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