DiCaprio, LeonardoRidley Scott will be directing a film adaptation of Gucci. So after he is done with work on Robin Hood with Russell Crowe: he plans to jump on board for this one. He also has an adaptation of Hasbro’s Monopoly. There is also the crazy Alien prequel and then there is Brave New World once again with Leonardo DiCaprio.

There is also a downside to this with a remake of the British film series Red Riding trilogy and then the vampire film Passage. He is basically attached almost everything. There are also some projects in the dumps like Child 44, the religious supernatural film Stones. There is also a film with Casey Affleck project called The Kind One. Then finally there is the science adaptation The Forever War.

Then finally the hugely hyped Gucci: this will be big it will star Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio will be playing Maurizio Gucci and ex wife Partrizia according to EW. It will certainly be the next project after Angelina Jolie gets free. The script will be written by Charles Randolf who was famous for his work on The Interpreter.