Trent Reznor scores for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Trent Reznor is ready to work on David Fincher's next film.

Trent Reznor has been finalized to make the music for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The film will be directed by David Fincher and it stars Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara. The film will be expected to release on December 21 st.

Reznor reiterates that at first he turned down the offer by Fincher. Social Network was the first time the two of the teamed up and created cinematic magic. Reznor was not slated to play the music for the Social Network. But the director of the film was waiting for him with open arms. He played the original piece to the audience as it was originally played to him using Elvis Costello’s new wave-y, slightly dark, and forward moving “Beyond Belief”. Reznor described the process of writing The Social Network and the self imposed rules and limitations they gave themselves after agreeing to score the film.

“Fincher had given us a list of what he had hoped to get from [‘The Social Network’ score; he wanted it to be electronic, he didn’t want to use an orchestra, and he wanted it to have an iconic nature where it felt unto itself – like ‘Blade Runner’ [music] feels like it’s from ‘Blade Runner,’ it has its own identity,” he said. “So our strategy was: we [did what we always do] before any major project: be very cerebral and think about what it is that we want to accomplish and about the best method of how we’re going to execute that… really just thinking about how we envision the end results sounding and then coming up with some limitations as to how we might achieve that.”

The film must have been about the facebook, but it was essentially about a flawed character trying to achieve something so potentially huge that it could validate his existence and how the pursuit of that idea costs him friendship, relationships and much more. “That’s what the story was about to us,” Reznor said, noting that’s the emotional thread the musicians picked up on.

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The great announcement came in the middle of the interview with Trent announcing that he will be scoring the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

“This one’s a bit different [of a process],” he said. “Well, different in some ways. The film is coming out Christmas of this year and they’re still doing principal photography. So, I had read the book, I had not got the script yet and I heard a few buzz words like ‘ice’ and Fincher writing [to me], ‘I can’t write anymore my fingers are frozen.’ And we spent—Atticus and I are going to work on this again—three weeks generating, with a new set of rules, it was completely blind with no feedback from David, stuff that I though would be helpful for them to have. Because the David work is that he’s the hi-tech guy of filmmaking and when he’s shooting digitally it’s also being sent back to his editors, and within a couple of days he can see mock-ups of scenes he just shot. And those guys are always looking for temp music to put in there, so I thought it would be a nice present to have—we sent them two hours of music.

Reznor revealed that one of his original plans was to unveil sine if the new work in progress Dragon Tattoo score to the NYT audience, but his mother passed away unexpectedly last week and the idea was nixed.

Source: Indiewire

“The music is coming great for it. [The new parameters are]… we started recording things in a different way that was all based on performance, nothing programmed. And that would be my limited skills at stringed instruments, and trying passages that we would get that and then we would process them in a way that would give us a real organic, layered feel that felt like something we’d never done before.”

This will be seriously something to look out for in the New Year. We will wait till December for this.

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