The past year has seen the life of Roman Polanski totally in public. He is probably suffering a lot of trauma after all that he is put through. But he still managed to sneak another film called The Ghost Writer. There is a lot being said in this film and nothing is held back.

The film is an adaptation of Robert Harris thriller novel about a British Prime Minister based quite closely upon Tony Blair, and the nastiness that surrounds him. Pierce Brosnan plays the role with ample excessiveness. Pierce Brosnan is the man who calls in Ewan McGregor to help him finish his memoirs after his last ghost writer dies in mysterious circumstances.

The Ghost Writer feels like a wilder version of State of Play. It is one those run of the mill political stories that will surely click with some of the older audiences. The trailer seems to be a little old fashioned. But I think the use of these two actors in the film will heighten any blotch that you might encounter.

Here is the trailer of the movie