Trailer Watch: Battle Los Angeles blows everything away

The new trailer will surely bring in a new legion of fans for the movie.

This is surely the trailer of the year even before the year has started. It has some of the best alien footage shot in this decade. Battle Los Angeles looks like an amalgamation of Black Hawk Dawn and Independence day.

The film stars Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez and Bridgett Moynahan. The film is set in modern day Los Angeles and follows a platoon of Marines and Airmen during a global alien invasion. Some of the more impressive shots in the movie include film crew implemented use of large green screen billboards at the base of the destroyed interstate to use later for inserting CGI images of Los Angeles. This one is a film we will be keeping an eye on.

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John has a keen sense of what ticks in the world of film. He can also be seen in three distinct short film titled Woken Shell, The Tea Shop in the Moon and The Waiting. Cinema has been the basic diet he has been on for the last 10 years. His personality can be judged by the choices of his films.


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