Rihanna will be working on a film project with Peter Berg. He has been developing Battleship for some time and rounding up a cast for the film. The basic premise of the film centers on a battle over land, sea and sky against a superior alien force. This sounds like another version of the film Battle: Los Angles. Check out the images from that film over here.

Variety has this piece of information on the film. Rihanna will be joining the likes of Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Kitsch for Battleship. Kitsch will play a Naval officer with Skarsgard playing his older brother.

Berg has also confirmed that the film will not be in 3D, but does that really matter. The film will focus on classic naval warfare and trying to tell a unique story. Berg wanted to say this about the planned project.

The idea of finding a credible context for that eluded me. The idea of a film where America goes to war against China, or a movie where America goes to war against England or Australia or Japan, one of the countries that has a credible navy, felt like it would borderline on some kind of jingoistic American military exercise I couldn’t get my head around. I like the idea of something bigger, larger than life and the challenge it presented.

The shooting for the film is expected to start soon and it is expected to come out on May 18 th 2012.