New Featurette and images from Inception

Inception getting ready for a post World cup release.

Click the images below to get the high resolution images and look out for the trailer below.

This time they are planning to reveal quite a lot but not really giving away too much. The Film in question is Inception there are only couple of weeks left for the release. People are just waiting for it to release. Warner Bros has smartly gone by the review which Peter Travers and brought out a new trailer which has given us an idea of all the characters in the film.

Now it is easier for the audiences to follow just plot and the narrative. It also shows us how dumb the audience has become after all the work that was done not reveal the plot of the film. Ellen Page is really smartly dressed in this film. Leonardo Di Caprio seems to be capturing the desperation of his character really beautifully.

The show stealer seems to be Joseph Gordon Levitt. The images show above will give you an idea of what promise he seems to be showing with each passing trailer. The press is getting a lot more excited with a special release for them before the big release the week after. There will be some early reviews for the film.

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