After the success of Buried at this year’s Sundance film festival, the writer of the film has come out with his next script called ATM. The production for the film is expected to star this fall.

ATM is about three young co-workers who make a late night visit an ATM and end up desperately fighting for their lives when they become trapped by an unknown man. This seems to have threads of the Phone Booth.

The film already has a star cast for the film. It stars Brian Geraghty, Josh Peck and Margarita Levieva. The film will begin just after Summer is through. Brian Geraghty is known for his roles in films like Jarhead, We are Marshall, The Guardian and recently The Hurt Locker. Margarita Levieva is a dream girl. She starred in the beautifully written Adventureland and also steals Ashton’s heart in the horrible Spread. She was the best thing in that movie.

David Brooks will be directing the film. So this will have to do with how they get the tension right in this film. It might just turn out to be dud as well.

Source: Collider