Jonathan Rhy Meyers stars in Seigneur

Jonathan Rhy Meyers is all set to star alongside Russian beauty Natalia Vodianova

Jonathan Rhy Meyers will star opposite Natalia Vodianova in the French Love Story Belle Du Seigneur.

The film will be directorial debut of Glenio Bonder and it was written by James Dearden and Vincenzo Cerami and was based on the bestselling 1968 French novel by Albert Cohen. Here is the synopsis.

First published in Paris in 1968, Belle du Seigneur is considered the masterpiece of Albert Cohen, a Jew who served the Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann, who became Israel’s first Prime Minister, and worked for the Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees after World War II. This tortuous love story revolves around an adulterous affair between Sola, the ostentatious son of the Chief Rabbi of Cephalonia and Ariane d’Auble, a beautiful, blonde, Protestant aristocrat. Threatened by impending war and the growing anti-Semitism of Europe in the mid-1930s, the two struggle to keep passion alive. While Ariane molds herself into the perfection of femininity, Sola takes on a bitter cruelty that translates into revenge against the ostracism of himself and his people.

Vodianova was part of the cast of Clash of Titans and played the Medusa in that film. This one will be something to look out for just for the actress.

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