First Look: Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles has been getting a lot of good buzz from Comic Con.

Everyone seems to be talking about Battle Los Angeles from the Comic Con yesterday. It is easily the most talked about thing out there. It is directed by the guy behind Darkness Falls Jonathan Liebesman. The film stars Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez who has slowly turned into a star as of late. There have been three new looks provided by the studio.

The film revolves around a Marine staff sergeant and his new platoon’s battle against an alien invasion on the streets of Los Angeles. Michelle Rodriguez will play Corporal Adriana Santos. She will be the member of the radio battalion. Pena plays the father of a boy the Marines find along the way, and Bridget Moynahan plays a veterinarian.

Then singer-actor Ne-Yo will play another corporal in the platoon. So these people and others like Roman Rodriguez, Taylor Handley and Cory Hardict will play the platoon fighting the aliens.

Eckhart had this to say about the film.

“Battle Los Angeles a huge, action film… The Dark Knight was great preparation. We made an urban combat alien movie that has never been seen before.”

Rodriguez also told the panel about kicking some butt in several different ways.

On February 25th 1942, just after 2am, hundreds of thousands of people witnessed something in the skies above Los Angeles. US army planes scrambled to intercept, while anti-aircraft guns fired over 1,500 rounds for more than two hours. The object was never hit, then it disappeared. The president was briefed and ordered an investigation. Finally, the government dismissed the incident and the stories were forgotten. The truth behind these real events have never been explained.

Battle: Los Angeles will be coming out on March 11 th 2011.

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