Nolan has been the savior for movies in this last week with the release of his movie Inception. He has gotten the studios to think outside the box after quite sometime. Most of them stuck with silly graphic novel adaptation or horrible books. There has been nothing concrete in a long time.

He is now taking a break after all the work put into Inception. He will be taking a break from movies. He will be making a Batman sequel and a Superman film for the future.

The two big questions were about the darkness of his stories in his recent films.

He was quick to deny that he’s a ‘dark’ film maker however, “…and I’m often surprised with the two Batman films we have made, for example, that people would think of them as having a dark tone, because to me they’re actually very optimistic and are full of emotionally positive things as well as negative things.”

As for how work is coming along on his reboot of Superman, tentatively titled The Man of Steel, he wasnt prepared to reveal all that much about the project:

“We’re working on the script but someone else will direct. I can’t really say much more.”

He was very quiet when asked about the possibilities of characters in the Batman films. He was firm when he said that Joker will not surface in Gotham City. He only said this,

“Batman and Superman are very different characters but they’re both iconic and elemental. Finding the right story for them both is the key. That’s the dream!”

So he will be working on this dream in the coming months. So if this superman will be scripted by Nolan it will be a big leap for the studios that are dying to work with the man.