Trailer Watch: Zero

Zero will certainly leave you wanting for more

ZeroThe trailer has just exploded our minds when we first saw it. There have been so many young directors who have been making mark on the international scene. It is really hard to keep a track of them. Pawel Borowski is one of those promising youngsters. He has sort of started a European cinematic rebellion. Zero is a debut film by the director but it seems to have a life of its own. Read the Synopsis below via Twitch

The film is being produced by one of the best productions to come out from Poland called Opus film. So the quality of this film is pretty high. But the trailer seems really one for the aesthetics. I m not really for such kinds of film, but my renewed interest in mood is one of the main reasons I would like to put this movie up.

Here is a synopsis for the film.

A big modern city. Morning. The office of a Thickset Businessman. A model of Newton’s Cradle set in motion sits in the foreground (it’s a characteristic gadget composed of suspended metal spheres). The phone rings. He hesitates for a moment. Then Thickset Businessman takes the call. It’s Scruffy Fatso, a private detective, on the line. The Thickset Businessman makes a final decision to place someone under observation and gather compromising evidence against them. Scruffy Fatso hangs up and the action shifts to the inside of his van…

This is the start of a story which rests on the narrative principle of the camera following the character who speaks the last word in the dialogue. It’s the story of numerous characters and of whose fate we will learn as much as this narrative principle allows. The film tells the story of 24 hours from the fragments of the lives of: a Thickset Businessman, a Scruffy Fatso, a Mental Case, a Skinny News Vendor, a Sweaty Cabby, a Tired Bloke, a Filigree Blonde, an Elegant Lady Doctor, a Poorly Boy, a Dolly-Bird, a Huge Geezer, an Energetic Old Man, a Bearded Fella’, a Pale Woman, a Slight Teenager, a Trim Sex-Pot, a Dressed-up Chap, a Sympathetic Young Man, a Slim Woman, a Tall Barman, an Old Lady and others. Sometimes their fates entwine naturally, and sometimes as a matter of coincidence. The different threads of the story often entangle in a completely unexpected way. Sometimes we abandon them at the most intriguing moment only to return to them later in a completely different place. The camera’s progress is unyielding. We follow it into a story of love, hate, betrayal, sex, violence and decay.

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The film uses a interesting narrative to push its loopy plot. This is something to be watched to understand the films implications.


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