Hailee Steinfeld will become Sleeping Beauty next

Hailee Steinfeld will be taking on the role of Sleeping Beauty, but there is still no director on board for the film.

The Oscar nominated actress for her role in the film True Grit is attached to Sleeping Beauty, a retelling of the fairy tale that explores the titular pricess dreams during her enchanted slumber.

This will be another revisionist film in the works. Hailee was free after she was not given the chance to work on The hunger games. The film will be scripted by Lindsay Devlin and is currently being shopped around for a buyer, with Steinfeld attached as the prospective star of the film. There is no director come on board for the project also.

The film will follow Princess Aurora and it will be in her point of view. It follows her into a fantastical dream world that she must navigate in order to return to reality. So it sounds more along the lines of Inception than Sucker Punch. Alice in Wonderland should not be taken as an example for a film like this. Tell us what you think about this new development. Share some of your thoughts as well for the casting choice.

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