tulpan 2

Tulpan is a heart wrenching docu-drama which will wave its magic and leave you wishing everything was not so clear. When human emotion is left in its bare bones it makes even the dreams frivolous. There are so many filmmakers trying to understand the mind of man. Try to looks into its darkest embers and seek ultimate truths and god forsaken rationalities. When man’s dreams is in the lap of his collar what more could you ask for.

What if we are not pushed for these obstacles to thoughtless exchanges?

What if everything was like lines going to different destinations with arrows?

Look to the skies.
Look how it breaks open for these people.
These herdsmen blessed with beauty around them.
Will they take note of what surrounds and embodies them?

Reality is something the director analyzes and makes it seamlessly touch us. We are taken when the sister runs with a jacket in these blistering winds, running after her brother to come back. It is an unforgettable moment where their bodies overshadow the beauty that surrounds them. It pierces with emotions that will be hard to be felt without a viewing. Your hands are held tight by the end of it. I sorely wished it never ended. But like the title nothing, I say nothing…..

When a man is faced with dilemma of finding a wife so as to breed a herd of sheep, Tulpan is really overpowering. Tulpan is everything we miss in our times of fortune and sadness. She is not only a person but a metaphor for the things we never really got. It is only loosing something that we truly take heed of what we are entrusted with. Tulpan will never leave even though she might her man. But the experience will change everyone except this shy, well mannered woman. Love is not for her my friends, it for the city folk she might meet. But for the sake of the character she has lived with all of us at some point.

The director composes some of the naturalistic shots with an air of self realization. It is not his story but the people who walk on the grounds before him. It turns into a document into what these people do on a daily basis. The joys of these few will make your day. Even in the end if you watch the whole family miniaturize in front you. You hold them with your heart and soul. This is not filmmaking as a technique anymore but as a life force that will make its place wherever you watch it.