Trailer Watch: Julia Roberts is beautiful in Eat Pray and Love

Eat Pray love will make you search for something at least anything.

These sappy girly flicks don’t really get me excited. But the mere presence of stars like Viola Davis, Billy Crudup, Javier Bardem, James Franco and Richard Jenkins should make this viewable. The picture is directed by the guy behind the TV series Nip Tuck. So it will feature something new for the viewers to feast on.

It has the look of a real common self reflective film. But the book seems to have the same issues. It will work its way into the hearts of the audience up on release. It is all that matters in the end. Women will flock to the theater to get at a look at liberation.

Javier Bardem joining this project is just something to look forward to. The character played by Julia Roberts looks really beautiful as well. Julia plays Liz who has everything a house, a man and a successful career. But at stage of her life she does not want all this and want to move out of her life for some time. So she embarks on a journey of self discovery and trying to understand relationships.

This is essentially an audience pleaser which the studios have carefully placed close to the end of the summer season. It will be lovely to watch Julia in this role. But it will certainly be a waste of time.

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